Kegums Municipality Day Center (LV)

Kegums Municipality Day Center (LV)


At the end of 2014, the Ķegums Municipality Day Centre was opened, which Gfitness equipped with fitness equipment, as well as gym and aerobics equipment. The Centre was established with the aim of improving the leisure time opportunities of the county's residents, creating favourable conditions for the participation of the youth of Kegums county in social life, promoting intellectual and creative development, as well as supplementing the opportunities for healthy and useful leisure time. LifeFitness treadmills and cycling machines, strength trainers, racks and benches, as well as a Hammer Strength strength frame were installed in the Day Centre and its Tome branch. The aerobics room was supplied with accessories, free weights, exercise mats and balls from Airex, Togu, Reebok and others. The Day Centre welcomes young and old, big and small - there is an activity to suit everyone's interests.


Country: Latvia

Place: Kegums, Liepu aleja 1b

Web page:

Opening date: 2014