Manniku Sports Center (EE)

Manniku Sports Center (EE)


Probably comes as a surprise to many that Mart Poom has given completely new look to his sports complex. This is no longer just a football stadium, but also cosy sports centre that is open to everyone, where you can find nicely equipped gym as well as a group training rooms. Mart himself tried Life Fitness treadmill for the first time, when he played in the top football club Arsenal, he enjoyed the experience, ergonomics and comfort so much that decided to equip his sports club with Life Fitness. As the end result we meet modern and diverse training environment in which is suitable for the beginner as well as experienced athlete. A holistic combination of Life Fitness cardio equipment, Hammer Strength in free weight and strength zone, TRX and Escape Fitness in the functional fitness zone



Country: Estonia

Place: Tallinn, Voidu 16

Web page:

Opening date: 01.12.2016.