Corporate fitness

Corporate fitness





There are several reasons why companies all around the world decide to invest in own fitness facilities for their workers. First would be that employees who feel better and healthier are more efficient, and it is also proven that their sickness absence decreases. Another reason is that company is recognized as better employer in the markets. The third is that through a corporate gym, the company creates stronger community at the workplace.







Many people are still reluctant to go to the fitness club, the threshold is high despite the willingness to try some sort of training. With a gym at work, the threshold is much easier to overcome. Those who are used to regular trainings appreciate opportunity to exercise at work, which gives them more free time to be at home, with friends or family. These are the reasons why more and more companies in the Baltics decide to invest in own corporate gyms, with the brightest examples of Danske Banka (LT), SEB Bank (LT and LV), RIMI (LV), Alexela Group (EE), Evolution Gaming (LV), Volume Design (EE) and so on.





Are you struggling to choose the proper equipment for your company?

When planning the fitness area, there are 3 important factors to consider:

1. Number of square meters available
2. Who will be using the training area
3. Budget

Some companies go big and create training rooms that are as well-equipped as a commercial training center. For those with limited space and budget, there are many good solutions for multi-purpose appliances.


With the widest product range in the Baltic states and its own service department, more than 20 years of experience and offices in 4 countries, Gfitness is a reliable partner, industry expert and one-point agency for the company willing to start a successful project.




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