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Home gym





During the research process, potential client often discovers what the sports club owners have known for a long time - not all fitness equipment is equally effective, produced of qualitative materials and is long-lasting. The widest range of products is present on the market - from high-quality equipment with functions and programs, guaranteeing the achievement of the desired results, to low-quality goods. Choosing such brands as Life Fitness, Woodway, ICG, Assault Fitness, you only get the highest quality training machines that professional fitness centers choose for themselves.






A home gym is not just a set of equipment, but also a well-planned room, the design of which should motivate you. This does not mean that you need a lot of space.

The gym can be equipped anywhere: in a spacious bedroom, in the free space of a loft, in the basement, or even at the garage. You have every opportunity to create the perfect gym for the whole family. How to optimally arrange several training machines and other equipment, considering the features of the space: its area and shape, location of doors, windows, load-bearing structures? We have the answers to these questions.






If you are looking for something smaller for your regular fitness routine, it might be enough with strength and fitness bands, a good mat and adjustable dumbbells or a rep set, a TRX, + some recovery tools: a foam roller, a massage ball or a Theragun. All these are always available at our warehouse you can purchase them online and start your home training in couple of days fitstore.lv (.lt or .ee)