MyFitness Spice (LV)

MyFitness Spice (LV)

On 20 October 2023, Fusion Pilates, the largest reformer pilates studio in Latvia, opened its doors to gym-goers at MyFitness Spice Sports Club.

The studio is equipped with 16 black SPX® Max Reformers from Canadian manufacturer Merrithew. These reformers can also be placed in an upright position on the wall when not in use. The Reformers are complemented with mini rebounders to add an extra cardio load to your usual Pilates workout.

The MyFitness team has also taken care of the aesthetic design of the studio to create an exceptional pilates experience for clients.

Country: Latvia

Address: Jaunmoku st. 13, Spice Home, 2nd floor


Opening date: 20.10.2023


Special products

SPX® Max Reformer (ONYX) with Vertical Stand Bundle

SPX® Max Reformer (ONYX) with Vertical Stand Bundle

Merrithew Pilates

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