Corporate Gym at Danske Bank (LT)

May 18, 2022

Corporate Gym at Danske Bank (LT)


Danske Bank's corporate gym in Vilnius, Lithuania, is a vivid example of how a workplace can motivate employees to sport at the same time without having to spend much time to get to the club and money on a sports club subscription. This facility is equipped with Life Fitness Insignia and Signature Series Force Trainers and SynRgy360, Cybex Series 6 Cardio Units, Assault Fitness AirRunner and AirBike, Escape Accessories, TRX and BOSU. The combination of this equipment allows people of different levels of preparation to work out here, as well as to train individually and in groups - thus creating a multifunctional environment suitable for most active lifestyle supporters.


Country: Lithuania

Place: Vilnius, Saltoniškių g. 2

Web page: